Company Background

A State-of-the-Art Recycling Facility for Scrap Metals

Lucky Star Alloys is equipped with the most advance technologies to recycle scrap metals. The facility is designed to recycle scrap metals in the most environmentally friendly manner.

The key mission of this facility is to cater to the growing waste metals generation in Qatar. As a country, Qatar has become the new rising star of the Middle East, and boasts one of the steepest growth rates in the world. Its various economic factors have a direct impact on the recyclable material generation in the country, which makes it a key market with significant potential to develop. To tap into this potential, Lucky Star Alloys aspires towards ever higher standards of quality, expertise and professionalism. In time, as the facility integrates itself into the local scrap metal processing and trade, it aims to continue to stand as a benchmark for the regional recycling industry for its quality, efficiency and client satisfaction.

Certifications & Awards

Lucky Star Alloys is a fervent believer in exceptional quality standards and constant improvement. As a result, the company has pursued prominent recognition titles and consequently has achieved several honorary awards.

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